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Achey's Mill is a former grist mill located in Milford Square, Pennsylvania, United States fed by the Unami Creek. It was in operation until sometime between 1926 and 1936 when it shut down. It was converted into a private residence in the late 1960s. The bridge to get to the mill was the first concrete-reinforced bridge to be built in America.[citation needed] There is a mill house located up the hill which was located on the same property parcel until 1962 when it was sub-divided. There are other outbuildings on both properties that were formerly used to assist the mill and its race. Today, both the mill properties are owned privately as a private residence.[1][2]


It is unknown at when the mill was built but based on records and documents it has been standing since at least circa 1750. The mill house was built in 1740 and was renovated into the manor house of Heistville (former name of Milford Square) in 1818 by the Heist family. An astute family of their time. The house was also featured in the November 1, 1786 edition of Ben Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette, where it was advertised for sale. Both properties tie their roots back originally to Sen. Joseph Growden who inherited 1490 acres from William Penn in 1715. The two properties have shrunk to just above 110 acres due to a large forest on them.


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