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Native name: Acaill Bheag
Achillbeg's lighthouse
Achillbeg is located in island of Ireland
Location Atlantic Ocean
Coordinates 53°51′N 9°57′W / 53.850°N 9.950°W / 53.850; -9.950Coordinates: 53°51′N 9°57′W / 53.850°N 9.950°W / 53.850; -9.950
Province Connacht
County Mayo
Population 0
Mayo islands

Acaill Bheag (Achillbeg) is a small island in County Mayo, Ireland, just off the southern tip of Achill Island.


Its name means Little Achill.


Acaill Bheag was evacuated in 1965 and the inhabitants were settled on the main (Achill) island and nearby mainland. The main settlement was in the centre of the island, bounded by two hills to the north and south. There are a small number of holiday homes on the island, but they are usually empty for most of the year. Access to the island is from Cé Mhór, in the village of An Chloich Mhór (Cloghmore), by local arrangement. A lighthouse on Acaill Bheag's southern tip was completed in 1965.

A comprehensive book about the life and times of the island and the people and way of life there, "Achillbeg - The Life of an Island", by Jonathan Beaumont was published in 2005.[1]


The table below reports data on Achillbeg's population taken from Discover the Islands of Ireland (Alex Ritsema, Collins Press, 1999) and the Census of Ireland.

Historical population
Year Pop. ±%
1841 178 —    
1851 149 −16.3%
1901 104 −30.2%
1951 54 −48.1%
Year Pop. ±%
1996 0 −100.0%
2002 0 +nan%
2006 0 +nan%
2011 0 +nan%
Source: John Chambers. "Islands - Change in Population 1841 - 2011". Retrieved 14 June 2015. 


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