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Accra Traffic

Achimota Transport Terminal was inaugurated in December, 2009, with the aim of reducing congestion on the Accra-Nsawam road.[1] The terminal can accommodate 800 vehicles and includes other facilities such as a police station and a clinic. It was started by President Kufour but was inaugurated by the Mills administration.[1]


The construction of the terminal was started in 2004, by President Kufour of the New Patriotic Party. The aim was to reduce congestion on the Accra-Nsawam road, which was particularly heavy between the Apenkwa Interchange and Achimota. The road is used as a major route connecting Accra to other Ghanaian cities such as Kumasi and Tamale, as well as carrying traffic to Burkina Faso and Mali.[2]

The project took around five years to finish and cost GH¢1.2 million.[2] The terminal was officially opened on 17 December 2009.[2]


The terminal has 800 vehicle parking spaces, 80 toilets, 10 canteen rooms, a clinic and a police station.[2] There is also a separate area for charcoal trucks.[2]


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