Achit Lake

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Achit Lake
Achit-Nuur Lake, Mongolia, Landsat-7, 2007-08-13.jpg
Achit Lake satellite image (Landsat-7, 2007-08-13)
Location Uvs Aimag
Coordinates 49°30′N 90°30′E / 49.500°N 90.500°E / 49.500; 90.500Coordinates: 49°30′N 90°30′E / 49.500°N 90.500°E / 49.500; 90.500
Basin countries Mongolia
Max. length 28 km
Max. width 16 km
Surface area 290 km²
Surface elevation 1,435 m
Designated 22 March 2004

Achit Lake (Mongolian: Ачит Нуур) is the largest freshwater lake in the Uvs Aimag (province) of Mongolia, in the west of the country. At an elevation of 1,435 m above sea level it covers an area of 290 km². It is 28 km long, 16 km wide, and 10 m deep. The coast is covered with steppes, mostly hilly but swampy on the northwest and northeast. Several rivers flow into the lake.

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