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Scientific classification
Domain: Bacteria
Phylum: "Proteobacteria"
Class: Gammaproteobacteria
Order: Thiotrichales
Family: Thiotrichaceae
Genus: Achromatium
Type species
A. oxaliferum

Achromatium is a genus in the phylum Proteobacteria (Bacteria).[1]


The name Achromatium derives from:
Greek prefix a- (ἄ), not; Greek noun chroma, color, paint; New Latin neuter gender noun Achromatium, that which is not colored.[2]


The genus contains single species,[2] namely A. oxaliferum ( Schewiakoff 1893, species. (Type species of the genus).; Latin oxalis from the Greek noun oxalis (ὀξαλίς), meaning sorrel, a toxic plant due to oxalic acid production; Latin v. fero, to carry; New Latin neuter gender adjective oxaliferum, oxalate-containing.[nb 1][3]

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  1. ^ The etymology on the paper is listed to stem from the greek, which actually means "sour wine" and if that were the case it would be A. oxaloferum. for info on linking vowels see Bacterial taxonomy