Achttienhoven, Utrecht

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Coordinates: 52°8′54″N 5°8′20″E / 52.14833°N 5.13889°E / 52.14833; 5.13889Coordinates: 52°8′54″N 5°8′20″E / 52.14833°N 5.13889°E / 52.14833; 5.13889
MunicipalityDe Bilt

Achttienhoven is a former hamlet in the municipality of De Bilt, in the Netherlands. It is now considered to be part of the village of Westbroek.

Achttienhoven used to be a heerlijkheid (manor), until it became part of Westbroek in 1812. From 1818 to 1954, Achttienhoven was a separate municipality again. It then merged with Westbroek, which in its turn was annexed by Maartensdijk in 1957.[1]

According to the 19th-century historian A.J. van der Aa,[2] the village used to be called "Everckesdorp". The name "Achttienhoven" means "Eighteen Farms".

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