Acid Beaters

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Acid Beaters
Studio album (split) by The Queers/Manges
Released November 4, 2003
Genre Pop punk
Label Stardumb Records

Acid Beaters is a split album featuring American pop punk band The Queers and Italian pop punk band the Manges. The album's title is a play on words of the Ramones album Acid Eaters.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Chewy Chewy"- The Queers
  2. "Ft. Lauderdale" – The Queers
  3. "Girl About Town" – The Queers
  4. "Sunday Morning" – The Queers
  5. "Wipeout" – The Queers
  6. "With a Girl Like You" – The Queers
  7. "Frontline" – Manges
  8. "Surrender" – Manges
  9. "Barrage of Hate" – Manges
  10. "Saving Private Pierson" – Manges
  11. "I Don't Wanna Live in Hell" – Manges
  12. "Morphine" – Manges