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Acid Test
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Years active 1990 (1990)–1994, 2018
Labels Sire

Acid Test is a Canadian experimental band from Toronto, Ontario.[1] in 1990. The band consists of vocalist and bassist Lucy Di Santo, guitarist Steve Fall, keyboardist Atom Percy, and drummer Tim van de Ven.[2]


Acid Test first formed in Toronto in 1990. The group independently released a cassette in 1991 and put out an album, Trip on This on Eggplant Records in 1992. After Fall was asked to play a role in the 1992 movie Highway 61, directed by Bruce McDonald, the group composed two tracks on the movie's soundtrack ("Mr. Skin" and "Dance").[3] Sire Records (Warner Music Group) signed the band in 1993, and they released the album Drop that year and performed in the US.[4][5] In addition to regular band members, Drop also featured Geoff Bennett (percussion) and Jeff Dalziel (programming).

The band was the opening act for Nine Inch Nails, Grace Jones, Snow, 54-40, The Ocean Blue, The Sugarcubes last live performance in Toronto and performed across the US, Canada and the UK.

As well as Highway 61, Acid Test also contributed to the soundtracks for Martin Scorsese's Naked In New York and the documentary, Talk 16.

Acid Test went on a hiatus in 1994; Harland died in May 2012. The band later reformed and began work on a third studio recording with at Atom Percy's home recording studio in British Columbia.[6]


  • Acid Test - cassette (1991)
  • Trip on This (1992)
  • Drop (1993)
  • "Mr. Skin" remix single CD & 12" Vinyl (1993)
  • "Jus Rite" EP (April 27, 2018)


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