Acidobacterium capsulatum

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Acidobacterium capsulatum
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Acidobacteria
Class: Acidobacteria
Order: Acidobacteriales
Family: Acidobacteriaceae
Genus: Acidobacterium
Species: A. tianshanense
Binomial name
Acidobacterium capsulatum
Kishimoto et al. 1991

Acidobacterium capsulatum is a bacterium. It is an acidophilic chemoorganotrophic bacterium containing menaquinone. It is gram-negative, aerobic, mesophilic, non-spore-forming, capsulated, saccharolytic and rod-shaped. It is also motile by peritrichous flagella. Its type strain is JCM 7670.[1]


  1. ^ Kishimoto, Noriaki; Kosako, Yoshimasa; Tano, Tatsuo (1991). "Acidobacterium capsulatum gen. nov., sp. nov.: An acidophilic chemoorganotrophic bacterium containing menaquinone from acidic mineral environment". Current Microbiology. 22 (1): 1–7. ISSN 0343-8651. doi:10.1007/BF02106205. 

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