Acme (computer virus)

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Common name Acme
Technical name Acme
Aliases Acme
Family Acme
Classification Virus
Type DOS (Windows 95 MS-DOS)
Subtype EXE infector. Replicant.
Isolation 1992
Point of isolation Unknown (STILL)
Point of origin United States
Author(s) Unknown (STILL)

Acme is a computer virus which infects EXE files. Each time an infected file is executed, Acme may infect an EXE in the current directory by creating a hidden 247 byte long read-only COM file with the same base name. (In DOS, if the file extension is not specified, and two files with the same base name exist, one with .COM and one with .EXE, the .COM file will always be executed first.) Acme is a variant of Clonewar, a spawning virus. Acme is also perhaps a descendant of the small single-step infector Zeno, which is not to be confused with the Zeno programming language.

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