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Aleksandar "Aco" Đukanović (Montenegrin: Ацо Ђукановић) is a controversial Montenegrin businessman, widely considered to be one of the richest and most powerful individuals in the country, along with Brano Mićunović. Vesko Barović, Dragan Brković and others from the Montenegrin nouveau riche class that emerged during the 1990s following the break-up of SFR Yugoslavia. All of Aco Đukanović's wealth and influence were achieved during his older brother Milo Đukanović's rule in Montenegro as Prime Minister and President of the Republic (1991–2006) and currently as the ruling political party's (DPS) president and prime minister again (2006–present).


Early activities[edit]

Aco Đukanović's early business activity during the 1990s was folk concert booking, promotion and organizing through his first company Maraton.


Aco Đukanović was in the news when along with Vladislav "Pajo" Jabučanin he physically attacked and beat up LSCG activist Zoran "Feki" Kljajić.[1] The attack occurred on Sunday, June 4, 2000 at around 11:30pm in the lobby of Hotel Crna Gora in Podgorica.[2] Kljajić ended up with severe injuries - skull fracture on the forehead for which he underwent emergency surgery.[3] Jabučanin and Đukanović were detained by police.[4] The case against Đukanović dragged in the courts for years before being acquitted in December 2004 while Jabučanin got sentenced to 4 months in prison.[5] On appeal, the re-trial was ordered, but in 2007 on the very first session of the re-trial the court concluded that the suit against Đukanović is too old.[6]

His current company Monte Nova is prominent as a Montenegrin business - according to an annual report by Montenegrin Central Bank, Monte Nova is the fourth most profitable company in Montenegro (most profitable among the companies with domestic ownership) with a profit of 8.1 million in year 2006.[7][permanent dead link][permanent dead link] In November 2006, Monte Nova acquired Nikšićka banka. Monte Nova reportedly also holds substantial influence in Elektroprivreda CG (Montenegrin hydro company) as it is trying to take over Pljevlja coal mine (accounting for 100% of Montenegro's coal production) and thermal power station (accounting for 45% of power supply within the republic).[8][permanent dead link]

Đukanović also held stake in Crnogorska komercijalna banka, which he sold to Hungarian OTP Bank, reportedly for 10 million.

In January 2007, he bought 75% stake in Montenegrin urbanism authority for 2.7 million.[9]

Around the same time he bought the documentation for the third mobile operator licence in Montenegro but ended up not placing an official bid, and the licence went to Telekom Srbija.[10]


Đukanović has one daughter, born out of wedlock.[citation needed]

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