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Aco Karamanov writes poetry

Aco Karamanov (Macedonian: Ацо Караманов) (January 31, 1927 - October 7, 1944) was a Macedonian poet and partisan.

Karamanov was born in Radoviš, then in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Since the beginning of his education he exhibited affinity to writing, He started writing songs at the early age of 9 years. During World War II Karamanov fought against the fascist enemy.

This talented writer lived for only 17 years, but his human messages written in poems are left to testify for the war. He is considered one of the founders of contemporary Macedonian literature.

The town of Radoviš holds each year in his honor a poetry festival "Aco Karamanov Poetry Meetings" [1]


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