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The Acolin near Decize
Country France
Basin features
Main source Massif Central
River mouth Loire
46°49′41″N 3°21′50″E / 46.82806°N 3.36389°E / 46.82806; 3.36389 (Loire-Acolin)Coordinates: 46°49′41″N 3°21′50″E / 46.82806°N 3.36389°E / 46.82806; 3.36389 (Loire-Acolin)
Progression LoireAtlantic Ocean
Physical characteristics
Length 62 km (39 mi)

The Acolin is a 62-kilometre (39 mi) long river in France. It is a left tributary of the Loire, which it meets near Decize. It flows through the départements Allier and Nièvre.


The Acolin has its source in the Allier, some 20 kilometres (12 mi) south-east of Moulins, south of the town of Mercy, in a wooded area covered many ponds. Its basin drains the area between the lower reaches of the Allier in the west and the Besbre to the east. Like its neighbors, it maintains a northerly direction, for more than 60 kilometres (37 mi) and eventually empties into the Loire near the town of Avril-sur-Loire, just downstream from the town of Decize.

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