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Acom (アコム, Akomu, TYO: 8572) is one of Japan's largest consumer loan companies, (or sarakin). The name "Acom" stands for Affection, Confidence and Moderation. The company was founded by Masao Kinoshita, who was later replaced by his eldest son Kyosuke Kinoshita, the current chairman of the company. In addition to providing loans, Acom issues credit cards.

At the end of 2008, Mitsubishi UFJ obtained control of more than 40% of Acom stock and Acom became a consolidated subsidiary of MUFG.[1]

Ownership Structure (as of April 2009)[2][edit]

The founders (Maruito/Kinoshita) control about 40% of the shares, another 40% are controlled by MUFG. The company stock is thus very tightly held.

Entity percentage of total shares
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. 36.88%
Maruito Shokusan Co., Ltd. 17.13%
Maruito Co., Ltd. 7.86%
Kinoshita Memorial Foundation 5.77%
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. 2.49%
Maruito Shoten Co., Ltd. 2.42%
Kyosuke Kinoshita 2.02%
Shigeyoshi Kinoshita 2.01%
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking 1.97%
NOBUKA CO., LTD. 1.87%


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