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Acorn Park in 1917– the acorn-shaped gazebo is visible at left.
Acorn Park in 2008.

Coordinates: 38°59′23″N 77°01′44″W / 38.989585°N 77.028986°W / 38.989585; -77.028986

A view of the park showing the "Grotto."
For Arthur D. Little's office park in Cambridge, Massachusetts, see Cambridge Discovery Park.

Acorn Park is a 0.12-acre (490 m2) urban park in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, which features an acorn-shaped gazebo and an artificial grotto. The site is historically significant as it is thought to be the location of the "mica-flecked spring" that in 1840 inspired Francis Preston Blair to name his estate "Silver Spring".[1][2]

Acorn Park is located at the intersection of East-West Highway and Newell Street.


The gazebo in Acorn Park was constructed in 1842[3] by Benjamin C. King.[4] Francis Blair's son-in-law, Samuel Phillips Lee, had the stone grotto built at the site of the spring in 1894. It originally included a statue of a Greek nymph.[4] The park land was purchased by the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission in 1942[5] and was refurbished and rededicated in 1955.[3] A small additional tract of land was acquired by M-NCPPC in 1997 to make the current 0.12-acre (490 m2).


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