Acoustic (Nouvelle Vague album)

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Acoustic (Nouvelle Vague album).jpg
Live album by Nouvelle Vague
Recorded 5 February 2009
Genre Jazz
Bossa nova
Label New Sound Dimension under license from Peacefrog
Producer Luis Carlos for New Sound Dimension
Nouvelle Vague chronology
Bande à Part

Acoustic is a live album recording of a Nouvelle Vague concert from Auditório Municipal Augusto Cabrita in Barreiro, Portugal. As indicated by the album name all songs are acoustic versions taken from the band's previous studio albums Nouvelle Vague, Bande à Part and 3, except Sweet Dreams and Relax.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Original Artist Length
1. "The Killing Moon" (from Bande à Part) Echo & the Bunnymen 3:42
2. "A Forest" (from Nouvelle Vague) The Cure 2:35
3. "Ever Fallen In Love" (from Bande à Part) Buzzcocks 3:12
4. "Don't Go" (from Bande à Part) Yazoo 4:29
5. "Blue Monday" (from Bande à Part) New Order 2:10
6. "Human Fly" (from Bande à Part) The Cramps 4:07
7. "Guns of Brixton" (from Nouvelle Vague) The Clash 3:36
8. "Too Drunk To Fuck" (from Nouvelle Vague) Dead Kennedys 5:39
9. "God Save the Queen" (from 3) Sex Pistols 3:28
10. "Heart of Glass" (from Bande à Part) Blondie 5:27
11. "Sweet Dreams"   Eurythmics 5:23
12. "Dance With Me" (from Bande à Part) The Lords of the New Church 3:38
13. "In a Manner of Speaking" (from Nouvelle Vague) Tuxedomoon 4:05
14. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (from Nouvelle Vague) Joy Division 4:26
15. "Blister in the Sun" (from 3) Violent Femmes 4:16
16. "This Is Not a Love Song" (from Nouvelle Vague) Public Image Ltd. 3:14
17. "Just Can't Get Enough" (from Nouvelle Vague) Depeche Mode 3:30
18. "Relax"   Frankie Goes to Hollywood 5:53