Acoustic Live at the WOW

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Acoustic Live at the WOW
Live album by Floater
Released May 2008
Recorded 2008
Genre Rock
Label Typhon
Live album chronology
Floater Lives
(2004)Floater Lives2004
Acoustic Live at the WOW

Acoustic Live at the WOW is a live recording of Floater from the WOW Hall based in Eugene, Oregon. The performances took place over two nights on February 22 and the 23 of 2008. The songs that appear on the live acoustic album appear from both nights. To date, eight bonus tracks have been available for this album. "In America" is available as a digital download (bonus track) if you order either the studio album or the digital version at the Floater online store. Two other tracks (Seconds and Rocket Man) were available only through the Floater street team. And finally the remaining 5 tracks are available for purchase at the Floater online store about two weeks after the initial release of the album. Tracks 1-11 appear on the album, the remaining 8 bonus tracks are in no particular order.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Accepted"
  2. "Come See Everything"
  3. "Minister"
  4. "Albatross"
  5. "The Marriage of the Black Sheep"
  6. "The Possum's Funeral"
  7. "Crusatyr"
  8. "An Apology"
  9. "Bound for Glory"
  10. "Hard Parting"
  11. "Alone"

Bonus tracks[edit]

  1. "In America"
  2. "Seconds" (U2 cover)
  3. "Rocket Man" (Elton John cover)
  4. "Diamond" (with extended My Generation cover by The Who)
  5. "Exiled"
  6. "Hollywood"
  7. "Independence Day"
  8. "Equinox"