Acoustic Works 1981–1986

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Acoustic Works 1981–1986
Mike Peters Acoustic Red.jpg
Compilation album by Mike Peters
Released November 5, 1998
Recorded 1995–1997
Genre Rock
Label MPO
Producer Mike Peters
Mike Peters chronology
Second Generation Volume 1
(1995)Second Generation Volume 11995
'Acoustic Works 1981–1986'
Acoustic Works 1987–1991
(1998)Acoustic Works 1987–19911998

Acoustic Works 1981–1986 (sometimes called the "Red" album) is the second solo compilation album released by Mike Peters.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Unsafe Building"
  2. "The Stand"
  3. "For Freedom"
  4. "Lie Of The Land"
  5. "Declaration"
  6. "Marching On"
  7. "Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke"
  8. "Sixty Eight Guns"
  9. "We Are The Light"
  10. "Shout To The Devil"
  11. "Blaze Of Glory"
  12. "The Deceiver"
  13. "Howling Wind"
  14. "Thoughts Of A Young Man"
  15. "Absolute Reality"
  16. "Knife Edge"
  17. "Strength"
  18. "Dawn Chorus"
  19. "Spirit Of '76"
  20. "Deeside"
  21. "Father To Son"
  22. "Only The Thunder"
  23. "Walk Forever By My Side"

Album background[edit]

The album was produced and performed in its entireity by Peters Himself, using the basic instrumentation of voice, acoustic guitar and harmonica. 'Acoustic Works' was recorded during the course of 2 years at 'Fort Apache' Boston MA, 'Dreamland', Woodstock NY and 'Mountain & Sea' Wales.'

"I began these recordings in 1995 at Fort Apache studios in Boston USA and ever since then whenever I have been in a recording situation I have cut some more of these songs usually with fans/friends present. In 1997, having completed the final recording sessions at Mountain & Sea Studios Wales time has dictated that this record be released. It has taken more than 10 years to write, at least 2 years to record and over 17 years to produce and together with Acoustic Works 1981-1986 contains 46 performances of songs that have, and will always remain a huge part of my life." Mike Peters, October 1997, Wales. [1]


Mike Peters Producer, acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals


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