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Developer(s) Acon Digital
Stable release 6.0 (Build 12) / September 9, 2013
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Digital audio editor
License Proprietary
Website Acon Digital Acoustica: Product page

Acoustica is a digital audio editor from Acon Digital. Acoustica is available in three editions:[1]

  • Acoustica Basic Edition, free entry level audio editor with plug-in chains, VST, ASIO, DirectX plug-in support.
  • Acoustica Standard Edition, which adds a set of processing tools for mastering, audio restoration and sound design, as well as analysis tools, batch processing and CD burning
  • Acoustica Premium Edition, which adds support for surround audio up to 7.1 channels, as well as further and more advanced processing tools

All three editions share the same basic editing features, including disk based non-destructive editing and support for labels, region markers and sampler loops. The audio output can be analyzed using real-time analysis tools such as level metering (RMS, peak and peak hold), spectrum analysis and phase correlation metering. Audio can be recorded with resolutions up to 32 bit and 192 kHz sampling rate.


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