Acrobatic Dog-Fight

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Acrobatic Dog-Fight
Acrobatic Dog-Fight Title.png
Developer(s) Technos
Publisher(s) Technos
Platform(s) Arcade game
Release date(s) 1984
Genre(s) Shoot 'em up
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
CPU M6502
Sound AY8910
Display Horizontal, Raster, 256 x 240 pixels, 80 colors

Acrobatic Dog-Fight, released in Japan as Dog-Fight, is a side-scrolling shooter arcade game released by Technos in 1984, featuring "cute" cartoon graphics and gameplay similar to the 8-way scrolling of Time Pilot but differs from that game in many respects. In Acrobatic Dog-Fight the playing field was limited with a ceiling and ground as well as an ultimate destination to navigate to. Acrobatic Dog-Fight also added two buttons, a secondary weapon and an eject button. Eject could be used at any time and made it possible to hijack enemy planes and continue flying them. If the pilot failed to hijack an enemy plane he would parachute to the ground where a standard plane waited nearby.

Screenshot of Acrobatic Dog-Fight

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