Acrobatic Dog-Fight

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Acrobatic Dog-Fight
Acrobatic Dog-Fight Title.png
Platform(s)Arcade game
Genre(s)Shoot 'em up
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer
DisplayHorizontal, Raster, 256 x 240 pixels, 80 colors

Acrobatic Dog-Fight, released in Japan as Dog-Fight, is a multi-directional scrolling shooter released in arcades by Technos in 1984. The graphics and core gameplay are similar to 1982's more popular Time Pilot from Konami.


In Acrobatic Dog-Fight the playing field is limited with a ceiling and ground as well as an ultimate destination to navigate to. Acrobatic Dog-Fight also adds two buttons, a secondary weapon and an eject button. Eject can be used at any time and makes it possible to hijack enemy planes and continue flying them. If the pilot fails to hijack an enemy plane he would parachute to the ground where a standard plane waits nearby.

Screenshot of Acrobatic Dog-Fight

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