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Privately held company
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 2008
Headquarters Prague, Czech Republic
Products Mobile VoIP solutions
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Acrobits is a privately owned software development company creating VoIP Clients for mobile platforms, based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Company History[edit]

Acrobits was founded in November 2008, and builds mobile VoIP software with a polished user interface, supporting encrypted calls using SRTP/SDES and ZRTP, Google Voice integration, and the G.729 Annex A audio codec.[1]

In 2009 Acrobits Softphone was released on the iTunes App Store.[2]

The following year Acrobits released their SIP Client with business features, Groundwire. In early 2011 Acrobits Softphone was released on the Android Market.

In 2010 Acrobits also launched a service allowing SIP providers to appear on the list of pre-configured providers in Acrobits Softphone.[3]

In 2012 Acrobits added video calls over WiFi support for the iOS version of its softphone.[4]


Acrobits Softphone

Acrobits Groundwire


In addition to their flagship products Acrobits creates white label SIP Solutions for VoIP providers around the world.[5]

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