Acroloxus lacustris

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Acroloxus lacustris
Acroloxus lacustris A MRKVICKA.JPG
Acroloxus lacustris Lake Constance
Acroloxus lacustris.jpg
Two views of a shell of Acroloxus lacustris
Scientific classification
A. lacustris
Binomial name
Acroloxus lacustris

Acroloxus velkovrhi Bole, 1965

Acroloxus lacustris, or the lake limpet, is a small freshwater limpet or snail, a species of aquatic gastropod mollusk in the family Acroloxidae.


The 4–7 mm. (7 mm long, 3 mm wide and 2 mm high) shell is laterally compressed elongate and limpet-like (no whorls and cone or hat shaped) with a sharp apex twisted to the left The colour is yellowish-grey to brown. The dimensions may vary depending on the substrate surface. On thin plant stems the shells are narrow, and more parallel-sided on leaves and stones they are rather wide oval.


Found across Europe to western and central Siberia. The distribution type is Eurosiberian Wide Temperate. This species of freshwater limpet is found in European countries and islands including:


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