2010 Acropolis International Basketball Tournament

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The Acropolis International Tournament 2010 was a basketball tournament held in OAKA Indoor Hall in Athens, Greece, from August 17 until August 19, 2010. This was the 24th edition of the Acropolis International Basketball Tournament. The four participating teams were Greece, Serbia, Canada, and Slovenia.


Team Pts W L PF PA Diff 1st Tie 2nd Tie
1.  Greece 6 3 0 293 194 +99
2.  Slovenia 4 1 2 239 249 -10 1-1 +14
3.  Serbia 4 1 2 213 217 - 4 1-1 - 3
4.  Canada 4 1 2 182 267 -85 1-1 -11


Slovenia, Serbia and Canada all had 1 win and 2 losses. Since each team had won one of the two games with the other teams (excluding Greece, who had a 3-0 record), a second tiebreaker was used to determine the second, third, and fourth place. Compared among the other tied teams, Slovenia had an overall 16 point difference, Serbia had a -3 point difference and Canada had a -11 point difference. The teams were ranked by the point difference from highest to lowest. Thus, Slovenia won the silver medal, Serbia won the bronze, and Canada was left with fourth place.


August 17
Greece  123–49  Canada
Scoring by quarter: 27-6, 31-14, 26-12, 39-17

August 17
Serbia  82–81  Slovenia
Scoring by quarter: 21-27, 17-24, 23-14, 21-16

August 18
Greece  96–72  Slovenia
Scoring by quarter: 27-19, 31-7, 21-22, 17-24

August 18
Serbia  58–62  Canada
Scoring by quarter: 12-10, 7-22, 11-22, 20-6

August 19
Greece  74–73  Serbia
Scoring by quarter: 23-24, 19-17, 16-13, 16-19

August 19
Canada  71–86  Slovenia
Scoring by quarter: 14-21, 18-22, 15-23, 24-20


Greece vs. Canada[edit]

The Greeks completely thrashed Canada in game one of the Acropolis tournament, winning 123-49. The team set a new record for the highest point difference in an Acropolis tournament, 74 points. Canada's head coach blamed the long trip from Canada to Greece, and a lack of energy as a result. The Greeks' Schortsanitis put down 24 points, before sustaining an injury late in the third quarter, while Calathes had 10 assists.

Greece vs. Serbia[edit]

Serbian head coach Dušan Ivković got ejected with 6 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, after receiving his second technical foul of the game. The Greeks won the game by a point, as the game ended with 2:40 left in the fourth quarter, as a bench-clearing brawl broke out between the two teams.


With 2:40 left in the game and Greece up by one point, wide-open Greek player Antonis Fotsis attempted a three-point shot, while Serbian Miloš Teodosić ran over to cover him, and got called for a foul in the process. Fotsis approached Teodosić, shouting and pointing at his face, causing Teodosić to punch him and Fotsis to spit at him. As both players were pulled apart, Greece's Sofoklis Schortsanitis simultaneously began fighting with several Serbian players. As players began fighting on the floor, Schortsanitis started throwing punches causing Serbia's captain, Nenad Krstić, to punch him in the back several times. Schortsanitis pursued Krstić off the court, causing Krstić to throw a chair and hit injured teammate Ioannis Bourousis in the head, opening up a bloodied cut. The game was prematurely ended at a score of 74-73 for Greece, with players being led off the court by officials as fans booed and threw debris.

Krstić was arrested by police for questioning that night and released the next day. For their roles in the melee, Krstić was suspended for the first three games of the 2010 FIBA World Championship tournament, while Teodosić, Fotsis and Schortsanitis were suspended for two games each.


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