Acropolis Palaiokastro

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The Acropolis Palaiokastro in Methana
Paliokastro methana.jpg

The Acropolis of ancient Methana is located 1 km from the town of Megalochori in the volcanic peninsula of Methana.


It was first built in the Mycenean times. It was rebuilt and destroyed later during the Roman and the Byzantine times.


It was built from andesite and dacite rocks from the volcanic mountain nearby. The small acropolis is located on a small lava dome.


Around the acropolis, Pausanias described the ancient market (Agorá) and a sanctuary of Isis and Hermes. Remains of the ancient town Methana can be found around the Paliocastro and some Roman columns in front of the little St. Niclaus chapel.

Coordinates: 37°35′12″N 23°20′58″E / 37.5867°N 23.3494°E / 37.5867; 23.3494