Acryloyl group

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Structure of the acryloyl group

In organic chemistry, the acryloyl group is form of enone with structure H2C=CH–C(=O)–; it is the acyl group derived from acrylic acid. The preferred IUPAC name for the group is prop-2-enoyl, and it is also (less correctly) known as acrylyl or simply acryl. Compounds containing an acryloyl group can be referred to as "acrylic compounds".

An acrylic compound is typically an α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compound: it contains a carbon–carbon double bond and a carbon–oxygen double bond (carbonyl) separated by a carbon–carbon single bond, thus possessing properties characteristic for both functional groups :

In addition, since both double bonds are separated by a single C–C bond, the double bonds are conjugated.

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