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Green-backed Kingfisher (Male) cropped.jpg
Green-backed kingfisher (Actenoides monachus)
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Coraciiformes
Family: Alcedinidae
Subfamily: Halcyoninae
Genus: Actenoides
Bonaparte, 1850

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Glittering kingfisher
(Caridonax fulgidus)

Scaly-breasted kingfisher

Green-backed kingfisher

Spotted wood kingfisher

Hombron's kingfisher

Rufous-collared kingfisher

Moustached kingfisher

Cladogram based on the molecular analysis by Andersen and colleagues published in 2017.[1]

Actenoides is a genus of kingfishers in the subfamily Halcyoninae.

The genus Actenoides was introduced by the French ornithologist Charles Lucien Bonaparte in 1850. The type species is Hombron's kingfisher (Actenoides hombroni).[2] The name of the genus is from the classical Greek aktis, aktinos for "beam" or "brightness" and -oidēs for "resembling".[3] A molecular study published in 2017 found that the genus Actenoides, as currently defined, is paraphyletic. The glittering kingfisher in the monotypic genus Caridonax is a member of the clade containing the species in the genus Actenoides.[1]

The genus contains the following species:[4]


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