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ActiMates were a series of interactive toys released by Microsoft in February of 1997, which were in the form of licensed dolls which could interact with many episodes of their respective television series from 1997-2000 or on special Actimates-compatible VHS videocassettes.

Microsoft released seven characters including Arthur, his sister D.W., the four Teletubbies and Barney. Actimates Barney was the first to be released in 1997, becoming a success that holiday season. Microsoft discontinued the dolls in 2000. The dolls could interact with the TV and the computer (the Teletubbies could not interact with the PC) using a special TV and PC Pack. The toys were marketed as educational tools and gave positive affirmations for correct answers from the user. They could also be played without the packs for the VCR and computer. There were three Actimates Barney PC games released. [1] [2]