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Classification and external resources
Specialty Infectious disease
ICD-10 A28.8
ICD-9-CM 027.8
DiseasesDB 31173
MeSH D000187

Actinobacillosis is a zoonotic disease caused by Actinobacillus.[1]

It is more commonly associated with animals than with humans.[2]

One of the most commons form seen by veterinarians is the mouth actinobacillosis of cattle, due to Actinobacillus lignieresii. The most prominent symptom is the swelling of the tongue that comes out of the mouth and is very hard at palpation (wooden tongue).

Actinobacillus suis is an important disease of pigs of all ages and can lead to severe morbidity and sudden death.[3]

Differential diagnosis[edit]

Mouth actinobacillosis of cattle must be differentiated from actinomycosis that affects bone tissues of the maxilla.

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