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Action Wellness
ActionWellness RGB-01.jpg
Formation 1986
Legal status Non-profit
Purpose Improve the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS.
Headquarters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Website ActionAIDS

Action Wellness (formerly ActionAIDS) is a nonprofit organization serving Philadelphia and the greater metro region. Fighting HIV/AIDS can be a tough battle, but people affected by HIV/AIDS don't have to go it alone. They're here to help with all of the practical challenges you may face. The organization was co-founded in 1986 by Anna Forbes, Jim Littrell, and Bob Schoenberg and has long been the largest HIV social service agency in the state of Pennsylvania.

Action Wellness currently serves over 5,000 clients a year through the efforts of over 350 dedicated volunteers and close to 100 professional staff. Action Wellness staff and volunteers are privileged to be invited into the lives of thousands of men, women and children who are faced with the challenges of living with HIV disease. Action Wellness's volunteers and staff focus on building relationships one person and one family at a time. The agency's services are relationship focused, client centered and individualized. Action Wellness continues to build a strong, diverse and committed community of caring to make sure that no one faces AIDS alone.



Action Wellness (formerly ActionAIDS) is a Philadelphia, PA based organization, committed to creating an AIDS-free generation through a combination of proven strategies. Their services include case management, HIV testing, prevention education, supportive housing, HIV treatment as prevention and volunteer services.Through our work in partnership with people living with HIV/AIDS, we seek to sustain and enhance their quality of life.

Their Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are committed to including and assisting people from our diverse community.


In 1986, a group of 84 volunteers came together to form a community of care to provide services to 100 people with AIDS. These were the partners, family and friends of our founding volunteers. Gathering in Center City Philadelphia, these volunteers acted; and ActionAIDS was founded. Rev. Jim Littrell became the first administrator of the new organization, with Bob Schoenberg as the first Board President, and Anna Forbes as the first staff member. The mission statement simply read: "ActionAIDS believes that no one should face AIDS alone."

In 1991, ActionAIDS developed "Dining Out for Life," an annual fundraising event to raise money and awareness for the organization.[1] Five years later the agency sold the newly formed non-profit "Dining Out For Life International" for $1 in an effort to expand the idea to other cities. As of 2010, Dining Out for Life was being held in 53 cities, with 3,500 participating restaurants.[2]

The ActionAIDS office can be seen in the 1993 film Philadelphia. Tom Hanks is shown to enter its office and receive support services for people with HIV and AIDS. Director Jonathan Demme filmed Philadelphia in part, on location at ActionAIDS' center city location.[3][4]

In June 2016, ActionAIDS changed their name to Action Wellness with a new expanded mission to serve those with chronic illnesses as well as those with HIV/AIDS.[5]


Action Wellness currently serves over 4,000 clients a year through the efforts of over 350 volunteers and 90 professional staff.[6] Services are provided at Action Wellness's five offices and at over 38 host sites throughout the city of Philadelphia. Medical case management is by far the biggest service offered by ActionAIDS, comprising 56 percent of the 2010 fiscal year expenses.[7] The organization also hosts one of the oldest and largest Buddy Programs in the nation.[8]

Services include:[9]

  • Medical Case Management
  • Outreach
  • Housing Counseling
  • Housing at Casa Nueva Vida
  • Positive Living
  • HIV Testing
  • Prevention & Education
  • Counseling
  • Prison Linkage Program
  • Family/Perinatal Program
  • Youth Forward Program
  • Positive Action Employment Services
  • Support Groups
  • Advocacy


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