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Action Blast! was an animated television program block shown on the American cable and satellite channel, G4 in the 8am ET hour. Hosted by the characters "Louden Noxious" and "The Beav" from Kaiju Big Battel, the block aired for just under a year from January 2, 2006 until December 29 of the same year.

The program had no input from G4 outside of complying with Comcast's standards and practices; instead the entire hour was programmed and produced by toymaker Hasbro, with the company buying paid programming time from G4, and none of the network's logo, bugs, or promotions were seen on the program except for one promo ad on the half-hour. An Action Blast! bug was formerly seen on the bottom left-hand corner but later replaced with another alternate name for the block, MonkeyBarTV (a play on the title of the popular podcast Tiki Bar TV, which was targeted towards an adult audience).


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