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Action Half-life
Action Half-life logo.png
Developer(s)The A-team (Akimbo Team Productions, LLC)
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Genre(s)First-person shooter

Action Half-Life is a mod for the first-person shooter video game Half-Life. It strives to simulate action movies, especially those directed by John Woo.

Action Half-Life is the second mod in the "Action" series. The first was Action Quake 2 and the third was Action Unreal Tournament 2004.


The traditional mode of gameplay is Deathmatch; at the start of a round, players must choose a single pistol, unique weapon, and a special item. Unlike the buy menu in Counter-Strike, these weapons are free and have limited ammunition, which makes tactical usage crucial. The game also includes a "last man standing" mode, which plays like deathmatch, but without respawning after death.

Action Half-life also features a single player mode. Some unique features in this mode include a move called "Adrenaline Rush", which is similar to Bullet Time.


Led by Dwayne 'Oddjob' Douglass, Action Half-Life went through several beta versions before being released as version 1.0 in 1999. It originally had several lead programmers involved, but Stuart 'Payback' Crouch coded the last few betas leading to v1.0.

Action Half-Life: Directors Cut is a project started by the Ministry of Action. While this project is not supported by the A-Team themselves, it has been authorized.[vague] Their goal is to take the best features of previous versions to create a final "Director's cut". This includes improving overall accessibility, weapon behavior, and content.


Action Half-Life was the favored modification for a small subculture described by Rock, Paper, Shotgun's writer Quintin Smith as a "mad cabal of mappers who obsessed over easter eggs",[1] with some levels containing secret areas much larger and complex than the main level. These often included whole story-lines, puzzles, and scripted sequences.

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