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Action Half-Life

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Action Half-life
Developer(s)The A-team (Akimbo Team Productions, LLC)
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Genre(s)First-person shooter

Action Half-Life is a mod for the first-person shooter video game Half-Life. It strives to simulate action movies, especially those directed by John Woo.

Action Half-Life is the second mod in the "Action" series. The first was Action Quake 2 and the third was Action Unreal Tournament 2004.



The traditional mode of gameplay is Deathmatch; at the start of a round, players must choose a single pistol, a unique weapon, and a special item. Unlike the buy menu in Counter-Strike, these weapons are free and have limited ammunition, which makes tactical usage crucial. The game also includes a "last man standing" mode, which plays like a deathmatch, but without respawning after death.

Action Half-life also features a single player mode. Some unique features in this mode include a move called "Adrenaline Rush", similar to Bullet Time.



Action Half-Life was the favored modification for a small subculture described by Rock, Paper, Shotgun's writer Quintin Smith as a "mad cabal of mappers who obsessed over easter eggs",[1] with some levels containing secret areas much larger and more complex than the main level. These often included whole story-lines, puzzles, and scripted sequences.

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