Action Man (1995 TV series)

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Action Man
Genre Animation
Written by Phil Harnage
Gildart Jackson
Directed by Chris Bartleman
Voices of Mark Griffin
Rolf Leenders
Joely Collins
Dale Wilson
Composer(s) Stephen C. Marston
Country of origin European countries
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Executive producer(s) Andy Heyward
Brad Kreisberg
Robby London
Michael Maliani
Producer(s) Kyle Solorio
Jim Weathers
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) DIC Entertainment
Original network Nickelodeon (U.S./U.K.)
Original release 23 September 1995 – 15 December 1996
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Action Man is a 1995 British children's animated television show, created by DIC Entertainment. The cartoon is based on the Hasbro toy line of the same name. The show focuses on Action Man, a member of an elite multinational task force named Action Force who fight against the terrorist Dr.X and his 'Council of Doom'. Action Man is also portrayed as being an amnesiac who is trying to unlock the mystery of his past.

The show also featured live action segments before and after the main show.


Additional Cast[edit]


Season 1[edit]

  • Explosive Situation (23 Sept. 1995)
  • Fountain of Youth (30 Sept. 1995)
  • Cybersoldier (7 Oct. 1995)
  • You Can't Go Home Again (14 Oct. 1995)
  • Ancient History (21 Oct. 1995)
  • The Red Plague (28 Oct. 1995)
  • Peril at Perigee (4 Nov. 1995)
  • Rogue Moons (11 Nov. 1995)
  • Hands Down (18 Nov. 1995)
  • We Come in Peace (25 Nov. 1995)
  • R.A.I.D. (2 Dec. 1995)
  • Skynap (9 Dec. 1995)
  • The Outside Edge (16 Dec. 1995)

Season 2[edit]

  • The X Factor (22 Sept. 1996)
  • Ice Age (29 Sept. 1996)
  • Soul of Evil (6 Oct. 1996)
  • Deja Vu (13 Oct. 1996)
  • Satellite Down (20 Oct. 1996)
  • Space Walk (27 Oct. 1996)
  • The Most Dangerous Prey (3 Nov. 1996)
  • Points of Danger (10 Nov. 1996)
  • Crack of Doom (17 Nov. 1996)
  • Space Wars (24 Nov. 1996)
  • Past Performance (1 Dec. 1996)
  • A Time for Action: Part 1 (8 Dec. 1996)
  • A Time for Action: Part 2 (15 Dec. 1996)


The show introduced several new team mates for Action Man which were then made into toys. The action figures of Natalie Poole and Knuck have become very rare collectors items. At Joecon 2010, a convention exclusive Q-Force action figure of Natalie Poole was released.

Media releases[edit]

The series was only available on VHS in the UK due to rules on advertising to children (a toy could follow a program but not the other way around). It has also been released on DVD but the episodes on the DVDs are in a random order and many episodes have been released numerous times while several have not been released at all. This has caused confusion amongst many fans.

on 17 February 2015, Mill Creek Entertainment released Action Man- The Complete Series on DVD in Region 1.[1] Season One (1995)

DVD Name Episodes Release Date Running Time Additional information
Explosive Situation Explosive Situation, Fountain of Youth, Cyber Soldier 2002 63:00 minutes
The Outside Edge The Outside Edge, Skynap, Crack of Doom 2004 63:00 minutes
Past Performance Soul of Evil, We Came in Peace, Past Performance 2004 63:00 minutes
A Time for Action A Time For Action - Part One, A Time For Action - Part Two, The Most Dangerous Prey 2005 63:00 minutes
Peril At Perigee Peril At Perigee, You Can't Go Home Again 2005 42:00 minutes
Rogue Moons Rogue Moons, Points of Danger, Deja Vu 2006 63:00 minutes
Space Wars We Came in Peace, Satellite Down, Skynap, Space Wars 2007 68:00 minutes


  1. ^ Both Seasons of the 1995 Series Come to DVD in 'The Complete Series'

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