Action of 1595

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Action of 1595
Date June or July 1595
Location off Longina
Result Indecisive
Sovereign Military Order of Malta Order of Saint John  Ottoman Empire
5 galleys 3 galleys

The Action of 1595 was an indecisive naval battle between forces of Malta, then under the protection of the Order of Saint John, and Bizerte, then part of the Ottoman Empire.

The battle took place in late June or early July 1595, after five Maltese galleys sailed south from Syracuse and encountered three Bizertine galleys off Longina. Two Maltese galleys failed to engage and the Bizertines escaped. There was some damage on both sides.

Ships involved[edit]


  • Capitana
  • San Fede
  • San Croce
  • Vittoria
  • San Placido


3 galleys


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