Action of 16 May 1644

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Battle of Lister Dyb
Part of Torstenson War
Date 16 May 1644
Location Southwest of Jylland, Denmark
Result Danish victory
 United Provinces Denmark Denmark-Norway
Commanders and leaders
Maerten Thijssen Christian IV
26 ships 9 ships
Casualties and losses
500 dead and wounded 11 dead and wounded

This battle took place on 16 May 1644 during the Danish-Swedish War near List Deep, between Sylt and Rømø in western Denmark. Nine Danish ships under King Christian IV forced a retreat back into List Deep of 26 smaller Dutch ships (13 under Thijsen and 13 under Gierdtson) which had come to assist Sweden against Denmark. 4 more Dutch ships from Marcus's squadron appeared during the battle but took no part.

Ships involved[edit]


Trefoldighed 48
Tre Løver 46
Lindorm 38
Norske Løve 30
Neptunus 28
Sorte Rytter 24
Phenix 20
Postillion 14
Hollandske Fregat 12

Netherlands (Thijsen)[edit]

Gulde Swaen (flag)
Grooten Dolphien (2nd flag of Gierdtson)
Lange Bark
10 others plus 4 under Marcus

Coordinates: 55°4.41′N 8°27.14′E / 55.07350°N 8.45233°E / 55.07350; 8.45233