Action of 18 March 1748

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Action of 18 March 1748
Part of the War of Jenkins' Ear
Date 18 March 1748
Location off Cape St Vincent, Spain
Result British victory
 Great Britain Spain Spain
Commanders and leaders
Captain Thomas Cotes Commodore Don Juan de Egues
6 ships of the line 9 ships of the line & frigates,
17 merchant vessels
Casualties and losses
Light 5 merchant ships captured[1]

The Action of 18 March 1748 was a naval engagement during the War of Jenkins' Ear in which a fleet of six Royal Naval vessels captured a number of merchantman in a successful engagement against a Spanish convoy escorted by nine ships of the line and frigates.[2]


Six British warships were patrolling off Cape St Vincent under the command of Captain Thomas Cotes. They ranged in size from the 70-gun HMS Edinburgh, under Cotes's command, through the 60-gun Eagle, Windsor, and Princess Louisa, to the 24-gun Inverness and the frigate Gax. Lookouts sighted a Spanish convoy, and Cotes pursued it. The British caught up with the tail end of the convoy and an action ensued.[1]

The escorting Spanish ships of the line were Soberbio (74), Leon (74), Oriente (70), Colorado (70), Brillante (64), Pastora (64), Rosario (60), Xavier (54) and Galga (54). Three register ships, from Cadiz to Vera Cruz, and two others for Carthagena, were intercepted and captured out of a Spanish fleet of 17 merchantmen, under a convoy of nine ships of the line.[2] The rest of the convoy managed to escape under cover of darkness with their escorting ships.[1]


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