Action of 3 May 1657

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The Action of 3 May 1657 was a battle that took place on 3 May 1657 and was a victory for the Republic of Venice over the Ottoman fleet of Algiers. Venetian casualties were 117 killed and 346 wounded. Few details are known.

Ships involved[edit]

Venice (Mocenigo)[edit]

6 galleasses?
19 galleys?


Perla (flag??) - Captured
Fontana Rose - Captured
Sette Teste - Aground and burnt
Doi Lioni - Aground and burnt
Luna Biscaina - Aground and burnt
Molin de Vento - Captured
Tigra - Aground and burnt
? (ex-Venetian Croce d'Oro, captured earlier that year) - Captured