Action of Atlixco

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Action of Atlixco
Part of the Mexican-American War
Date October 19, 1847
Location Atlixco, Puebla
Result American victory
 United States  Mexico
Commanders and leaders
Joseph Lane Joaquín Rea
1500 infantry, 5 guns, squadron of 3rd Dragoons Unknown
Casualties and losses
1 killed
2 wounded
219 killed
300 wounded

The Action of Atlixco, also known as the "Atlixco Affair", on October 19, 1847, was a U.S. victory late in the Mexican-American War by an American force under General Joseph Lane that defeated the Light Corps of the Mexican Army under General Joaquín Rea and captured their base at Atlixco a week after Lane had driven Rea from his lines and relieved the Siege of Puebla.[1][2]

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Coordinates: 18°54′10″N 98°26′15″W / 18.90278°N 98.43750°W / 18.90278; -98.43750