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Actions on Google

Actions on Google is a platform allowing developers to create software applications known as "Actions" that extend the functionality of the Google Assistant on devices such as the Google Home smart speaker and the Google Pixel smartphone and on the Google Allo mobile app. Actions for Google includes toolkits, tutorials, and other community resources.[1][2]

Developers can build two types of Actions. Direct Actions are simple; according to 'The Verge': "ask for information, get an answer. Ask to turn off the lights, the lights turn off. Ask to play a song, and it plays. Conversation Actions, in contrast, are more back and forth. " Conversational Actions use tools from Dialogflow, a company that Google bought and whose tools are integrated into Actions for Google.[1] More advanced developers are able to develop directly against the API, and a SDK for Node.js is also available.[3]

As of April 2017 there were more than 175 Actions for Google Assistant,[4] including ones from Uber, The Motley Fool, NPR One, NBC News, and Domino's Pizza. The availability was further extended beyond the Google Home space into Android and iOS.[5]


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