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ActivEcho logo.jpg
Developer(s) GroupLogic, Inc.
Initial release 13 March 2012
Stable release
2.7 / 27 February 2013
Operating system Cross-platform iOS Android Windows Mac OS X
Available in English
Type Enterprise File Sharing
License Closed source (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android clients and Windows Server)

activEcho, created by GroupLogic, Inc., provides automatic file synchronization and sharing for users while preserving the institution's security and control over their own data. The product serves institutions seeking an alternative to public services such as Dropbox. The activEcho server software may be installed on-premises on corporate servers, virtual servers, or in a private cloud or Amazon Virtual Private Cloud by IT departments. User access is managed by Active Directory group membership augment by IT managed whitelists and blacklists. The activEcho client software may be installed using systems management on Windows, Macintosh computers and iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablet computers.

It provides mobile employees with access to company files and documents when combined with the company's mobilEcho App.


Latest Releases

activEcho 2.7 (Released: 27 February 2013)

activEcho 2.6 (Released: 23 October 2012)

activEcho 2.5 (Released: 10 July 2012)

activEcho 2.1 (Released: 8 May 2012)

activEcho 2.0.2 (Released: 26 March 2012)

activEcho 2.0.1 (Released: 13 March 2012)


activEcho Documentation

video - activEcho Product Overview

video - activEcho How to: Use and install

video - activEcho How to use on mobile device

video - activEcho How to: administration configuration

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