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HeadquartersRhodes University

Activate is an independent student news organisation at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. They produce a publication once a month and curate a news website.


Activate was established in 1947 as Rhodeo, and during apartheid became an active part of the struggle for freedom of expression as part of the now defunct South African Student Press Union.[1] Activate is now committed to informing students about issues relevant to their lives, mainly on campus. The newspaper is run entirely by the students and is published every second week during term time. The newspaper receives a grant from the Student Representative Council but a large portion of its revenue is generated through advertising.


The staff is divided into executive and editorial teams, which oversee management and content production respectively. The members of these teams are selected each year by an editorial board made up of the outgoing editor and deputy editor, and one other outgoing senior staff member (usually the editorial consultant). Traditionally the senior staff serve a one-year term of office. The editor-in-chief serves a six-month term of office.

Archival copies online[edit]

For the full archive, visit Rhodes Newspapers: Activate. Please note that the archival set is incomplete at this stage (June 2015), but earlier additions are constantly added. The archive of Rhodeo is available at Rhodes Digital Commons: Rhodeo

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