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ActiveJDBC is a Java implementation of the Active Record design pattern developed by Igor Polevoy. It was inspired by ActiveRecord ORM from Ruby on Rails. It is based on a set of conventions and does not require configuration.

Writing models[edit]

Similar to Ruby on Rails, the ActiveJDBC infers meta data from a database. The result is that models do not require setters and getters.


Creating and updating records[edit]

Creation of and saving new records in a table:

Employee e = new Employee();
e.set("first_name", "John");
e.set("last_name", "Doe");

or the same on one line:

Employee.createIt("first_name", "John", "last_name", "Doe");

And for updating an existing record:

Employee e = Employee.findFirst("first_name = ?", "John");
e.set("last_name", "Steinbeck").saveIt();

Finding records[edit]

ActiveJDBC does not have a query language. Search criteria are written in abbreviated SQL.

List<Employee> employees = Employee.where("first_name = ?", "John");

Related projects[edit]

While ActiveJDBC is a general purpose Java ORM, it served as a first building block for ActiveWeb

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