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Active Wheel is a Michelin-developed tire which incorporates an electric motor and suspension[1] It was presented at Challenge Bibendum 2004's edition on the Hy-Light concept car and showcased during Paris Motor Show "Mondial de l'automobile"in 2008 both on the Venturi Volage electric sports car and on the Heuliez Will.[2]

Like other in-wheel motors, the ActiveWheel design provides direct power delivery of approximately 30 kW (40 hp), as well as regenerative braking.[citation needed] In addition, it replaces a mechanical suspension with an active suspension driven by an in-wheel electrical suspension motor that controls torque distribution, traction, turning maneuvers, pitch, roll and suspension damping for that wheel.[3] However, the effects of shocks, water and snow to such an "in-wheel" design have not been precisely studied.[citation needed]

Siemens VDO, developing a similar concept called eCorner,[4][5] was purchased by Continental in 2007.


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