Acton, Indiana

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Acton, Indiana
Acton, Indiana is located in Indiana
Acton, Indiana
Acton, Indiana
Coordinates: 39°39′20″N 85°58′00″W / 39.65556°N 85.96667°W / 39.65556; -85.96667Coordinates: 39°39′20″N 85°58′00″W / 39.65556°N 85.96667°W / 39.65556; -85.96667
Country United States
State Indiana
City Indianapolis
County Marion
Township Franklin
Founded 1852
Named for General Acton
Elevation 791 ft (241 m)
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
ZIP code 46259
Area code(s) 317

Acton is a small community located in the southeast corner of Marion County, Indiana, and has been included into the city of Indianapolis. The community was named for an early settler, General Acton.[1]

The community's former name was Farmersville.[2] The town was renamed in 1854 when the U.S. Postal Service discovered there was already a town named Farmersville in Posey County, Indiana.[3]

Acton was once a busy town as it had a blacksmith shop, a drug store, a bank, a telephone exchange, two grocery stores, a train depot, a pool hall, a post office, a school, three churches, three gas stations, a Ford and tractor dealership, and even two grain elevators.

One of the grocery stores was in the Knights Of Pythias building that sat on Exchange Street next to the railroad tracks. It was destroyed by fire in 1962. A new building which currently houses the Dinner Bell market was built in 1963. The second grocery store is no longer in use, but is still standing at the corner of Swails Street and McGregor Road.

The blacksmith shop was owned and operated by Virgil Russell who retired from blacksmithing in 1970 and sold the building to Clifford A. (Cookie) Kight in 1977. The building now houses Cookies Auto Body Shop.

The grain elevators were also destroyed by fire, in 1967. The site of the grain elevator is now Toby Tielking's garage.

The Acton drug store was located at the corner of Swails and Exchange streets. This location was destroyed by fire in 1962 and was not rebuilt.

The former Ford and tractor dealership is still standing and is currently used as Doug McKinney's tree service.

The Acton State Bank was located on Exchange Street next to the former U.S. Post Office. In 1924 it was robbed by three armed men who got away with $3000 and were never caught. Ben McCollumn was the banker that day. The bank closed its doors in 1934 and the building has since been used as a gun shop and is currently being used by Old McDonald's restaurant.

There were three gas stations in Acton. One was formerly at the corner of Exchange Street and McGregor Road. Another was formerly at Acton Road and Virgil Street. The third still remains at the corner of Swails Street and Acton Road. It was owned and operated by Mike Walker from 1982-2016. In November 2016 it was sold to a new owner, and is currently undergoing renovations due to be complete in early 2017.

Of the three churches constructed in Acton, only one is still a church today. The Acton Baptist Church has been located in its same area on Exchange Street since 1866. The original building was destroyed by fire in 1927 and the current building was constructed in 1929. In 1962 an addition to the Acton Baptist Church, named "Judson Hall" was constructed. Pleasant Valley Christian Church (The Valley), located in south Acton at 9990 N. 700 East (Acton Rd.), has been in existence since 1902.

The Acton school has been located on its same lot since 1875. The original school was a one story building. It was used until 1912 when a new two story school was completed. The two story building was used as a school until a new one story school was constructed in 1965, with extra classrooms and a library added in 1972.

In March 1986, a tornado came through the town of Acton, causing some damage. However the town pulled together and has since rebuilt. Most of the houses in Acton are over 100 years old and have survived the tornado.

Acton has always been considered a rural area but in 2004 saw the addition of a new housing subdivision on the west side of Acton Road between Maze Road and Exchange Street.

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