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IndustryDatabase marketing
FoundedConway, Arkansas, U.S. (2018)
HeadquartersConway, Arkansas, U.S.
Key people
Chad Engelgau, CEO
ProductsAudience Cloud
Global Data Navigator
Unified Data Layer
Real Identity
Number of employees
2,100+ (2018)[1]
WebsiteOfficial website

Acxiom (pronounced "ax-ee-um") is a Conway, Arkansas-based database marketing company. The company collects, analyzes and sells customer and business information used for targeted advertising campaigns.[2] The company was formed in 2018 when Acxiom Corporation (since renamed LiveRamp) spun off its Acxiom Marketing Services (AMS) division to global advertising network Interpublic Group of Companies.[3]

The company has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.


The business that became Acxiom was founded in 1969 as Demographics, Inc. by Charles D. Ward in Conway, Arkansas.[4] In 1988 it became Acxiom Corporation, and by 2012, the New York Times reported that the company had the world’s largest commercial database on consumers.[5][4]

On May 14, 2014, Acxiom Corporation announced that it had acquired LiveRamp, a data onboarding company, for $310 million.[6]

In January 2017, Acxiom Corporation launched Audience Cloud, an anonymous targeting tool that allowed demographic segmentation of customers without revealing their actual identities.[7]

In February 2018, Acxiom Corporation announced a reorganization into two divisions - Acxiom Marketing Solutions (AMS) and LiveRamp.[8] In July, advertising company Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG) announced they were buying Acxiom Corporation's AMS business for $2.3 billion.[1] In September, Acxiom Corporation officially changed its name to LiveRamp, allowing the AMS business owned by IPG to keep the Acxiom name.[3][9] Also in September, the company introduced an open data framework allowing clients to combine online and offline data sources.[10]

In December 2019, Acxiom integrated its data on AWS Data Exchange.[citation needed]


Acxiom provides anonymized customer data to marketers, allowing the delivery of more relevant ads to consumers, with more effective measurement.[11]

Acxiom's client base in the United States consists primarily of companies in the financial, insurance and investment services, automotive, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, travel, entertainment, non-profit and government sectors.[12]


  • Audience Cloud identifies anonymous audience segments, and matches them with publications to display targeted ads when a member of the audience visits a particular site.[7]
  • Global Data Navigator service allows agencies to select global data elements by country.[13]
  • InfoBase is the company's brokered warehouse of consumer data.[14]
  • Personicx is a customer segmentation tool.[15]
  • Unified Data Layer (UDL) uses cloud architecture to help firms connect online and offline data, to better identify consumers' identities, with a goal of complying with GDPR privacy laws.[10]


Acxiom's headquarters is located in Conway, Arkansas, United States.[5] The company has additional U.S. offices in Austin, Texas, Downer's Grove, Illinois and New York, New York. International offices are located in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, and China.[16]


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