Ad-Dustour (Jordan)

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Type Daily
Owner(s) Jordan Press and Publishing Company
Editor Mohammad Hassan Altali
Founded 28 March 1967; 50 years ago (1967-03-28)
Headquarters Amman, Jordan
Website Ad-Dustour website

Ad-Dustour (Arabic: الدستور‎, meaning The Constitution) is an Arabic daily newspaper published in Jordan.[1] Its headquarters is in Amman, Jordan.

History and profile[edit]

The first issue of Ad-Dustour (in Arabic الدستور) was published on 28 March 1967[2][3] as a result of a merger of two publications: Filastin (in Arabic فلسطين) and Al Manar (in Arabic المنار)[4] published in the West Bank and that had ceased publication in 1967 because of the Six-Day War.

The daily was a private company until 1986 when the Jordanian government bought a share of it.[5] The daily has nearly 600 staff.

From 1991 to 1995 Musa Keilani served as the editor-in-chief of the paper.[6] Its editor was Nabil Sharif until February 2009.[7][8] Its current editor-in-chief is Muhammad Hasan Altali.

In 1998, the daily went online, the first in the Arab world to do so.[citation needed]

The estimated circulation of Ad-Dustour was 40,000[when?] whereas it was 90,000 copies in 2003.[3]


The daily contains four or five sections:

  • First Section: for headline and domestic news.
  • Second Section: for international news, business and economy.
  • Addustour Alriyadi: for international and domestic sport news.
  • Doroob: for miscellaneous news related to health and living styles.
  • The Cultural Section: This section appears every Friday and contains domestic, regional, and international cultural events.
  • Al-Shabab: This section is published every Wednesday, and daily during major sport competitions such as FIFA World Cup. It covers weekly domestic, and international youth events.[9]

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