Ad-lib Night

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Ad-lib Night
Hanja 아주 한 손님
Revised Romanization Ajoo Teukbyeolhan Sonnim
McCune–Reischauer Aju T‘ŭkpyŏlhan Sonnim
Directed by Lee Yoon-ki
Produced by Lee Yoon-ki
Yun Il-joong
Oh Su-seong
Written by Lee Yoon-ki
Based on short story by Azuko Taira
Starring Han Hyo-joo
Kim Yeong-min
Music by Kim Jeong-beom
Cinematography Choi Sang-ho
Edited by Kim Hyeong-ju
Jeremy Jeong
Distributed by KBS Sky
Release date
  • 30 November 2006 (2006-11-30)
Running time
99 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office US$12,626[1]

Ad-lib Night (Hangul아주 특별한 손님; RRAju teukbyeolhan sonnim; lit. "A Very Special Guest") is the third film by South Korean director Lee Yoon-ki. A group of boys from the country who have come to Seoul to find the runaway daughter of a dying man to be with him on his death bed. The film, based on a short story by Japanese writer Azuko Taira, debuted at the 11th annual Pusan International Film Festival as well as 57th Berlin International Film Festival.[2]


Bo-kyung (Han Hyo-joo) is approached by two young men from the countryside, who are both convinced she is Myung-eun, a girl who left the village years ago and whose father is now dying. When they realize she isn't who they think she is, the more outspoken of the pair, Ki-yeong (Kim Yeong-min), asks her to be the "stand-in" for a night, so that the old man can die after seeing his estranged daughter one last time. Despite her hesitation, she gets in their car.






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