Ad beatissimi Apostolorum

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Ad beatissimi Apostolorum
(Latin: To the Chair of the Prince of the Apostles)
Encyclical letter of Pope Benedict XV
CoA Benedetto XV.svg
Singulari quadam Cercle jaune 50%.svg Humani generis redemptionem
Date 1 November 1914
Argument Appealing for peace
Encyclical number 1 of 12 of the pontificate
Text in Latin
in English

Ad beatissimi Apostolorum is an encyclical of Pope Benedict XV given at St. Peter's, Rome, on the Feast of All Saints on November 1, 1914, in the first year of his Pontificate. The first encyclical written by Pope Benedict XV coincided with the beginning of First World War, which he labelled "the Suicide of Civilized Europe".

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