Dhale Governorate

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Ad Dali' in Yemen.svg
Country Yemen
Seat Dhale
 • Governor Fadl al-Jaadi
 • Total 4,786 km2 (1,848 sq mi)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 569,000
 • Density 120/km2 (310/sq mi)

Dhale (Arabic: الضالع‎‎ Aḍ Ḍāliʿ) province is one of the governorates of Yemen that have been created after the announcement of Yemeni unification. The population of the province accounted for (2.4%) of the total population of the Republic, and allocated administratively into (9) districts. Dali city is the centre of the province. Dali is one of the provinces distinctive with agriculture, since most of the population works in the agricultural activity. The most important agricultural crops is coffee. The province land contains some metals, the most important are talc that is used in the manufacture of paper, paint, cosmetics and pesticides. The tourist attractions in the province are vary, the most important are Damt bath, and one of the ancient cities there is Jubn city that is famous for its castle and the historic Mansuria school, built by Tahrien. The province terrain is various and characterized by a relatively mild climate during the days of the year.[2]


Before unification, Dhale governorate did not exist, it was Al Huseen District, Al Azariq District, Ash Shu'ayb District, Jahaf District, and Ad Dhale'e District that was belonging South Yemen's Lahij Governorate, as for Al Husha District, Juban District, Damt District, and Qa'atabah District were districts that belonged to North Yemen.

70% of Dhale governorate land is originally from north Yemen, Juban District is originally from Al Bayda Governorate, Al Husha District was part of Taiz Governorate, Damt District and Qa'atabah District were parts of Ibb Governorate.


Dali province is located between latitude (42: 13) northward, and longitude (43: 44) eastward, and away from the capital Sana'a distance of (245 km) . It relates to the provinces of Ibb and Baidha from the north, the provinces of Baidha and Lahj from the east, Lahj province from the south, Ibb and Taiz provinces from the west.


Dhale governorate is made of 9 districts, they are:


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Coordinates: 13°42′N 44°43′E / 13.700°N 44.717°E / 13.700; 44.717