Ad Fundum

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Ad Fundum
Ad fundum dvdcover.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Erik Van Looy
Produced by Mark Punt
Written by Mark Punt
Starring Marilou Mermans
Jaak Van Assche
Sven De Ridder
Tom Van Landuyt
Music by Jean-Marie Aerts
Tom Wolf
Cinematography Willy Stassen
Edited by Philippe Ravoet
Ludo Troch
Release date
  • 1993 (1993)
Running time
98 minutes
Country Belgium
Language Dutch

Ad Fundum is a 1993 Belgian drama film directed by Erik Van Looy. It is his first feature-length film after the short movies 'Dr. Tritsmans' and 'Yuppies'.[1] It tells the story of some students studying at the university of Leuven, and who participate in some initiation rites.


Sammy, Dennis and Tom are 18 years old and inscribed as student at the university in Leuven. They rent some rooms in a fraternity house. As first-year students they decide to join a student association and have a hazing. They become freshman and "sell" themselves to do some tasks. The shy Sammy is giving the task to bring a jar of his own semen to the initiation ceremony. As he rejects, he is set on a "flying carpet". Whilst Sammy is in the air, chairman Guy Bogaerts orders the students to withdraw the carpet. Sammy falls on the ground, breaks his vertebra and dies immediately.

The police starts an investigation: the students won't talk, the students' union claims Sammy died due to alcohol abuse and the university declares not to be responsible for fraternities.

Dennis and Tom start their own investigation. They find a man who was fraternized some years earlier also under command of Guy Bogaerts. He was also set on the flying carpet which was suddenly removed. He broke his leg and walks with a limp since then. The case "Sammy" is set to court, but the judge opines there is not enough proof so Guy is set free.

Dennis and Tom want revenge and challenge Guy to steal the town's flag. Guy climbs the town hall and takes the flag. However, an unknown person opens the window. Guy falls down and is considered to be dead.


Ad Fundum (meaning to the bottom) is a term used among students when they drink their glass of beer without pause.


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