Grand Slam (1967 film)

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Grand Slam
Original Title: Ad ogni costo
Grand Slam film poster
Directed by Giuliano Montaldo
Produced by Arrigo Colombo
Giorgio Papi
Written by Paolo Bianchini
Augusto Caminito
Mino Roli
Starring Janet Leigh
Klaus Kinski
Edward G. Robinson
Adolfo Celi
Robert Hoffmann
Riccardo Cucciolla
Music by Ennio Morricone
Cinematography Antonio Macasoli
Edited by Nino Baragli
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Running time
119 min.
Country Italy
West Germany
Language English

Grand Slam (Ad ogni costo) is a 1967 Italian crime film directed by Giuliano Montaldo and stars Edward G Robinson, Klaus Kinski and Janet Leigh.[1]


A seemingly mild-mannered teacher, Professor James Anders (Robinson), is an American working in Rio de Janeiro. Bored with years of teaching, Anders decides to put together a team to pull off a diamond heist during the Rio Carnival in Brazil.

A team of four international experts is brought together to carry out the robbery: a safe cracking specialist, a master thief, a mechanical genius, and a playboy whose job it is to seduce the only woman with a key to the building holding the diamonds, the lovely Mary Ann (Leigh). Anders also hires a "professional", whose task is to kill the other members of the team after the job is finished.

The team develops a series of mechanical devices to defeat the layers of protection built into the "Grand Slam 70", the safe system in which the diamonds are stored. Lasers criscross the entry corridor and a sensitive microphone listens for sounds while the safe and its environs are secured.

The team successfully enters the safe using a pneumatic trestle to bypass the lasers by crawling over them. One by one, they are killed while making their escape.

Anders ends up with the diamonds in a small letters case, sitting in an outdoor cafe...but loses them in the film's last scene to a thief on a motorcycle.



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